Artistic nude studio photography workshop

October 2016

Studio Plus Workshop - Artistic Nude Photography

Here at the Gold Coast Photography Studio, we regularly run studio photography workshops where you can try studio photography for yourselves. There are workshops for all levels, including those who have never been in a studio before or who don't have all that much experience with photography. As long as you have a digital camera, you'll be fine!

As well as the beginners' studio photography workshops, we also run the Studio Plus Workshop, which is aimed at photographers with a bit more experience or who have already come along to the Studio 1 or 2 workshops. For these workshops, there's a specific theme or location and each photoshoot is a one-off, so you'll get some completely unique images from the workshop. It also means that the photographers at GCPhoto also get the chance to get a bit creative!

This month, our there was 'artistic nude photography', and our model was the fantastic Isabel (see the blog post from 21st September for a few more shots of Isabel). The point of this photoshoot was not only to take some great photographs but also to shoot in a very specific style that was not glamour or 'standard' modelling. This shot is one of my favourites from the workshop, and it's one I've had in mind for a little while, so it was nice to be able to wrap a workshop around it!

The case that Isabel is holding is an old film-reel case like they used to use in movies to transport the very precious master copy around. I've used this prop in a couple of shoots before as it's one of my favourites - it looks great, but also has character and history! I loosely call this shot "Waiting Nude".

matt g