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Terms & Conditions - The small print

By accepting any quote, invoice or image from GCPhoto, the client accepts all terms and conditions as set out below.

Any alterations to the standard terms and conditions as set out below (e.g. copyright buy-out) must be arranged before photography begins else the client will be responsible for further charges or the photographs may not be supplied and any fees will be forfeit.

All quotes are subject to all information provided by the client being correct. Changes in any of the details may alter the final price.

Any quote or estimate places no obligation on either GCPhoto, the photographer(s) or the client.

All quotes and estimates are a guide only. The final price may alter.

The invoice must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Photography fees are non-refundable.

Publication or use of photographic images is expressly forbidden until the invoice is paid in full.

Images supplied to the client may be used as set out in the quote and invoice (usage) only.

The images must not be sold, used in competitions, distributed to third parties, or used to gain profit in any way.

The images must not be modified without the photographer's permission.

The photographer retains the copyright of these images and grants permission for use of these images to the client as described in 'usage'. Permission may be retracted at any time, without notice, if any of the terms and conditions are broken.

The photographer may use the images for the photographer's own promotional purposes without restriction.

The photographer is granted permission to reproduce images of items subject to trademark or copyright for any promotional purpose without restriction.

The photographer is granted permission to reproduce the likeness of any person whose image is included in the photographs for any promotional or commercial purpose in any form or media.

A model release form allowing the use of the model's likeness for any commercial or trade purposes must be signed before images will be supplied.

A model release form must be signed by the model's parent or guardian if any model is under the age of 18 years at the time of photography.

GCPhoto, its photographers, and all associated staff or contractors accept no liability for damage to products or injury to persons during photography and suitable insurance must be arranged by the client if required.

A credit and/or website link to is not mandatory but is appreciated.

The cost of delivery to the Gold Coast Photography Studio and return of items to the client is the client's responsibility.

Items for photography must be supplied in a condition suitable for photography, i.e. clean and free from damage. If items require cleaning, repair or preparation during either the photography or the post-processing, this will attract an additional charge.

The photographer must be informed of any changes to the requested images before photography begins else the client will be responsible for further charges.

The studio and its photographers accept no liability for costs incurred due to late delivery of images.

The studio and its photographers accepts no responsibility for determining any intellectual property rights pertaining to products photographed.