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Photography blog

Feb 2023
Nude photography - A Guide
Nude photography - A guide

A brief guide about how to prepare for and enjoy your nude photography session (contains nudity).

Dec 2022
photographer matt g taking a photo

Looking for photographer Matt G or the mattgphotography website? You've found him!

July 2022
Woman with red hair in bikini and sunglasses
Glamour photography

Is the Gold Coast the home of glamour photography? It should be! Here's why.

April 2017
Beach Photoshoot Workshop Gold Coast
Beach photoshoot

A few images of a recent photoshoot on location at Currumbin on the Gold Coast.

March 2017
Pregnancy Photoshoot
Pregnancy photoshoot

A photoshoot with Megan, who is not only a fabulous model and aerialist, but also eight months pregnant.