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Cosplay photography

September 2016

Cosplay Studio Photography Workshop

The Gold Coast Studio Photography in Tugun runs regular studio photography workshops – there are workshops for complete beginners, improvers, and some more advanced workshops for experienced photographers. This weekend, we had an absolute cracker of a workshop – Cosplay! Our model was Bella Murray who is not only a fantastic model, but also has some fabulous outfits! For this workshop, Bella brought along her Tinkerbell and Catwoman outfits and she looked brilliant.

For some shots, we had a backdrop (and a smoke machine!) but for others – like this one – we shot against a blank background so that we could add in a background with Photoshop after the shoot. Transposing a background using Photoshop can either be fantastically simple, or hideously complicated, so it's always worth thinking about what you're going to do in Photoshop afterwards before you even start shooting. For this shot, for example, the background was a light grey, which – critically – was lighter than Bella's costume. Therefore, it was easy to use Photoshop's blending modes to add the background with only a little bit of removing the background where it showed through (like on Bella's face). It's also important when you're adding a background to make sure that the foreground and background light match, both in terms of colour and direction. The blood red moon colour of the background needed to match the white-light colour of the studio lights on Bella, but this is very easy to change afterwards. >This was a really fun studio workshop - partly because Bella is a load of fun to work with, and partly because the shots looked so great. As this was a workshop for more advanced photographers, we kept the numbers down to only a few and so everyone got the chance to direct the model and the lighting and to get some great photographs.

If you want to try studio photography, then drop us a line and we can work out which studio photography course is best for you!

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