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Creative Portraits and Artist Photography Packages

Show off your lifestyle and promote your art with GCPhoto!

Are you looking for a photographer who understands and celebrates your unique identity? Look no further than GCPhoto. We specialise in creative portrait and alternative lifestyle photography, providing beautiful, authentic images that showcase your individuality.

Nothing is more unique than art, so GCPhoto also offers a range of promotional photography packages for artists, performers, bands and musicians. We understand the importance of capturing the essence of your art and will work with you to create images that showcase you and your art.

Everyone is unique and so are GCPhoto's creative and artist photography packages, so get in touch with GCPhoto to plan your photoshoot and create beautiful images.

Creative Portrait Photography Gold Coast

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Creative Portrait Photography

Let your imagination run wild with a creative portrait photoshoot with GCPhoto.

Show off your individuality with a GCPhoto creative portrait photography session. Our photographers are open-minded and accepting, and will work with you to create a photoshoot that is tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Creative portrait photography Gold Coast

The creative portrait photography packages from GCPhoto include the supply of high-resolution images or prints with no extra to pay and can be tailored to your requirements, including style, location, and number of images.

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Artist & Band Photography

Studio and live photography of artists, performers, bands and musicians to promote your art and your brand.

GCPhoto are experienced performing artist and musician photographers and will work with you to create the images that give the right impression in exactly the right style.

Artist promotional photography packages are suitable for social media, advertising and promotion, as well as artwork and merch.

artist and band photography Gold Coast

There are artist photography packages in the studio so that you'll get the highest quality images for your website, social media, promotional material or publication.

Location photoshoots are also available because the best time to get a photo of an artist is when they're performing. GCPhoto are experts in live and low-light photography, and will get that killer shot that sums up what you do.

Whether it's a local pub gig, a studio shoot, in the theatre or a sell-out stadium, the artist and band photography packages are tailored to your image and your art.

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Creative portrait photography packages include:

• 1, 2 hour, or half-day photoshoots.
• Fully processed images - no more to pay!
• Studio, home, on site and location photoshoots available.
• Images supplied as high-resolution JPEG files.
• Consultation and advice prior to and during the portrait photoshoot.

Optional extras:

• Hairdresser
• Make-up artist
• Stylist
• High-quality prints, books and canvases
• Gift certificates.
• Promotional usage rights

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