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Gold Coast Photography

How can I get in contact with GCPhoto?

You can contact us at the Gold Coast photography studio via the

GCPhoto contact page

Where is the Gold Coast photography studio?

GCPhoto is based in Tugun (QLD 4224) on the Gold Coast.

Is GCPhoto on socials?

Of course... but not all that often to be honest. The GCPhoto website is always your best bet!


What are GCPhoto's opening hours?

The Gold Coast photography studio in Tugun is usually open from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday, but a shoot can be arranged for any time by appointment.

Who is the chief photographer at GCPhoto?

GCPhoto is run by Matt G, a renowned and very experienced photographer. GCPhoto also works with a number of other assistant photographers, stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists.

What types of photography do you do?

We can do almost any kind of photography that you can imagine, but we specialise in creative portrait and beauty photography. The Gold Coast photography packages include:





Do I need to be a model to do a photoshoot?

Absolutely not! The Gold Coast photographers at GCPhoto will make everyone look fantastic!
No matter what your age, size, style or gender, a photoshoot with GCPhoto will show off your personality and style. We can also guide you with advice about outfits and posing so that you'll look great for your photoshoot.
And if you feel that you would like a little extra assistance, all our portrait and beauty photography packages include a Photoshop makeover if required.

Does GCPhoto do gay photography?

Yes, of course. GCPhoto welcomes everyone and the Gold Coast photographers are LGBTIQA+ friendly.

Does GCPhoto do male boudoir photography?

Yes! We are happy to shoot male boudoir photography (or dudeoir photography as it's sometimes called) for individuals or couples in the Gold Coast photography studio or on location.

Does GCPhoto do location photography?

Yes! We can do a simple location photoshoot using natural light or we can bring a portable studio to you.

Do the photography packages include the photographs?

Yes! Unlike some other photography offers you might see, all the GCPhoto photography packages include the photographs, which can be supplied as JPEG images or as prints if you prefer.

What should I wear to my photoshoot?

This question gets asked so often that we made a page for it...

What To Wear To Your Photoshoot

Does GCPhoto 'photoshop' the images?

Almost every image you see online or in magazines these days will have been through some level of post-production editing or 'photoshopping'. The level of post-production editing required will be discussed before the photoshoot.

Is GCPhoto Gold Coast Photography insured?

Yes. GCPhoto is fully covered by public liability insurance for photoshoots in the Gold Coast photography studio, on location or at your place.

Where's the small print?

Terms and conditions can be found at the following link:

Terms and Conditions

What can I use the images from a photoshoot for?

That will depend on the type of shoot, and will be discussed before the shoot.
In simple terms there are three levels -
Ordinary usage - personal use, social websites, and can be distributed to family and friends. This is suitable for personal portrait packages etc.
Commercial and promotional usage - images can be used for promotional or advertising purposes for an agreed time.
Unlimited usage (or buyout) - the copyright of the images is signed over to the client who can use them indefinitely for any purpose.

Can I reproduce an image on your website?

Only with permission. A charge for reproduction of photographic images may be applicable. Please get in touch if you wish to use an image from this or any associated website (including social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) before reproducing any image. Reproduction of any image without express permission will be treated as a breach of copyright law.

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